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MobileSheets 1.7.0 submitted to the store
Just submitted version 1.7.0 to the store with a huge list of changes. It's mostly bug fixes, as I had to stop new development to work on stability issues, crashes, bugs with annotations, etc. The full list of changes is below.  I'm now going to resume working on the new master/slave tablet feature.
  • Fixed issue with annotations not showing up when cropping is used
  • Fixed issue with cropping not allowing annotations to be drawn in some locations
  • Fixed issues with pinch zooming
  • The order of keys assigned to a song are now saved instead of being alphabetical
  • MobileSheets can now be run without an internet connection if it has previously passed the required license checks
  • Fixed issues with text files not being rendered correctly
  • Fixed issues with the initial text annotation window position
  • Fixed issues with entering group metadata on devices with a virtual keyboard. Selecting an autocomplete dropdown entry now works correctly.
  • The buttons at the bottom of the file browser are no longer hidden by the keyboard
  • When creating a text annotation, keyboard focus is immediately positioned in the text window
  • Fixed crash while entering values for a system exclusive MIDI command
  • When text annotations are resized, immediate feedback is now provided while resizing
  • Fixed issues with the remove buttons not showing up in the group editor with the dark theme or when the sort order isn't manual
  • Fixed issues with exporting/sharing files and writing annotations to file.
  • Fixed issues with the action bar resizing and not properly positioning the items
  • Ratings can now be set by clicking on a star as originally intended. Filtering by rating now works correctly as well.
  • Fixed issue that could cause the toggle filter to not be available in the overflow menu under certain conditions
  • Fixed issue with window resizing not being handled properly
  • Fixed issue with oval shaped circle annotations not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issues with certain pedal actions not handling link points like the Android version
  • Fixed issue with cropping a file that was imported through an "Open With" command in Windows
  • Fixed issue where the quick action box could not be disabled
  • Added a great deal of error handling to prevent crashes
  • Fixed a huge number of reported crashes

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MobileSheets 1.7.0 submitted to the store - by Zubersoft - 01-19-2017, 04:35 PM

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