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MobileSheets 1.7.2 submitted to the store
I've submitted another update for Windows 10 full of important fixes. See the list of changes below:

MobileSheets v1.7.2
  • Added secondary fallback approach with license caching so that more devices can run without wifi
  • Fixed issues with incorrect scrolling when viewing large pages with the vertical scrolling display mode
  • Fixed issues with loading password protected PDFs
  • Fixed issue where annotations would sometimes not be shown in the annotations editor when changing pages
  • Fixed bug with uploading backups larger than 150 MB to Dropbox
  • Pedals can now be used to scroll and change pages in the annotations editor. Other pedal actions will be ignored.
  • Rectangle annotations are now the same size on Windows as Android
  • Fixed potential drawing issues with freeform annotations
  • Fixed issue where scroll settings were not being corrected loaded out of .msf files
  • Fixed issue where deleting a song could remove a folder with files still left in it
  • Added support in annotations editor for deleting annotations with the delete key, and using ctrl+Z and ctrl+Y to undo/redo
  • Fixed issue where a pedal was allowed to incorrectly change songs in the two page display mode
  • Fixed bug where scroll speed would be incorrectly changed after exiting the pedal actions screen
  • The MIDI device selection dialog no longer shows the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth as an output option
  • Fixed bug where importing would not correctly avoid duplicate songs
  • Fixed issue where nudging stamps would move them incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with file rename dialog not working correctly
  • Fixed bug with swapping text or chord pro files
  • Fixed reported crashes

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MobileSheets 1.7.2 submitted to the store - by Zubersoft - 01-26-2017, 10:53 AM

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