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Scroll amount settings (feedback appreciated)
crashkahuna - I can look into adding the ability to scroll using touch actions in a future update. I'll basically have to add the same kind of settings to the touch action settings screen that are available on the pedal actions screen, along with the scroll actions.

Skip - The pause setting isn't overriding the setting. I first wait a certain number of seconds before starting automatic scrolling, and then I initially pause for the pause duration so that the user can play the first part of the score without it immediately scrolling. The two are meant to serve different purposes. As for the second issue, are you tapping a link point to jump back to the first page? I haven't really added any sort of code to allow link points to be used in conjunction with automatic scrolling. I know some users have asked if I can automatically trigger link points when they are scrolled to, and that's something I'm going to have to look into at some point, but I definitely don't reset the scrolling when a link point is triggered.

Johan - Thanks for the feedback. I think it makes sense to use the screen size for vertical scrolling as well, so that's my plan unless I get additional feedback arguing against that.

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