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Jump to letters
(05-24-2017, 09:29 AM)Zuberman Wrote: That's what the alphabet list is for - you tap a letter and it jumps to that letter.  The kind of filtering you are asking for with the search box would mean that I would require exact matches on the input string.  That's not how it works currently. I will find any songs whose titles contain the entered search term.  So if you enter the letter "a", I'm returning any song with the letter "a" in it anywhere.  While you could argue that you would prefer it not to do that, if you want to find any song with a particular word in it, you can type that one word and all titles with that word in it will be shown. This is far more powerful and flexible than requiring the user to enter every character/word in the right order in order to find a match.

Collection is not something you can search for by typing in the search box at the moment. That's what the collection dropdown is for.  If I get additional feedback that users would like to be able to search for songs using a collection instead of using the dropdown or going to the collections tab, I can certainly add support for that.

Tapping a letter is working on the tablet, but not in the Companion software.
Im also talking about the search field there. It says "By All Fields" but does not include the collection field.
Just to be sure, i post the screenshot from the manual here.

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