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Library Setup - Need Advice
This is what's working for me. I've got over 2300 songs in my MS library.
I scan each page on my printer, creating a PDF on my PC. On my PC, I edit the PDF file which entails mainly trimming the edges of white space, adding other PDF files if the song has more than one page and assigning the appropriate filename. My filename start with the song title followed by two spaces and a code for which songbook the music was scanned from followed by a dash and then the page number of the song, e.g. Wake Up to Cape Breton  P2-203.pdf, meaning the song Wake Up to Cape Breton, on page 203 in the Portland Collection Volume II.

Putting the musicbook code and page helps me because we often have the same song in two different books, sometimes arranged slightly differently so we need to make sure we pick the right arrangement. Also, the book code and page number allows me to inform my fellow band members where the songs can be found for those who are still working directly out of the books (and have to lug around heavy book bags).

Regarding organization, under a Scanned Files folder, I have subfolders Classical, Rock, Folk, Religious, etc. Inside those, I break it down further, e.g. under Folk come subfolders "Contra Dance", "Waltz", etc. Inside "Contra Dance", the next subfolders are the names of the actual books I've scanned the music from. Inside those Book folders, each song is one PDF file, regardless of how many pages there are.  When I have prepared files for an entire book, I perform a Batch import from the MS Companion software program, first assigning the appropriate genre(s), composer and Album (Book) name.  The only thing I did on the tablet side for organization was to make sure my MS Library folder (aptly named "MS_Library") was in the root directory on my 128GB microSD card, NOT on my tablet's internal storage space. MS takes care of all the folder organization on the tablet. I don't pay it any mind. I just make sure my folder organization and filenames are well-organized on my PC.

HOWEVER - You've given me a good idea, Karen. I may start including the key in the filename, since I really don't need to search by key at this point - it's just a good thing to know.

Good luck!

Chuwi 13.5" H13, Win10, 128GB  μSD

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