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Setlist Without Going to Next Song
The way I quickly get to the pages I need in a sheet (without lifting my hands from the keys) is to be able to hold the foot pedal down to get to the 1st page or the last page. (If I am just going two pages forward or back, I would not do this, but if I have to get back to the first or second page of a longer song (or to the last page or second to last page of a longer song), I will use this technique).

This creates a conflict with the programming of setlists that move you automatically to the next song (which, I understand might be helpful to people who use this differently than me).

Is there a way set it so page turning does not move to the next song in a setlist? (so I can comfortably get to the beginning or end of the song I am in without overshooting into the nxt song).

I guess, if not, I could use a collection instead (then I could not keep a set order of the songs, but at least it would be a smaller list than all my songs).

Thanks for any help/ideas.


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Setlist Without Going to Next Song - by jeffn1 - 07-08-2013, 06:30 AM

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