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Send setlist / Select role / Colour by parameter / Group inside setlist
First of all, thank you for amazing app.

Here is few suggestions for new features and improvements to MSP. I decided to put them all under same subject because, atleast for me, they are related to each other.
New feature: Send setlist
It takes quite a time to sync setlist between band members and since it has to do manually double checking for errors can be really time consuming.
I would like to suggest a feature, which allows users to send the setlist in such manner that others could sync their app without exchancing actual notes, just the list of songs. For example, drummer and keyboards propably have totally different notes same song.
I'm thinking setlistdata could be in all different format or file, which could be possible to send or sync via dropbox etc.
Since you then could send setlistdata, there needs to be way how to tell MSP which song is which. Songname can be sufficient but what if same user has both keyboard and guitar notations on device?
This leads to my another suggestion...
New feature: Select role / intsrument / key / arragement / other parameter
At the moment you need to make different songs for multiple parts of same piece. I would like suggest a feature, which adds role-property for songs. This would allow band members to sync their databases as a whole, each song contains all the notation available on different instruments. Then, by selecting "role" one could select which notation to look at. Maybe a tool to take quick glance of what guitar is up to next?
Feature could be also more versatile. Say you want to select between singers who sing to different key.
I think this might be achieved with bookmarks except that is there is no way merge song data nor you can't select which bookmark to load first, atleast not on all songs at once with simple change of role or singer.
Improvement (setlist): Colour by parameter
Would be nice to colour songs by style, tempo or some other parameter. This would help when building sets by visualising for example how the tempo changes during the set or to check if you play tangos in pairs. I'm thinking the coloured highlight could be easily added to parameters already showing in setlist edit-mode.
Improvement (setlist): indent / group setlist + manage song number in set / group
I usually play 3x10 songs on an event. Each song can be in any set, so when planning setlists I've noticed that instead of creating 3 different setlists it is easier to create just one to ease moving songs from set to another and avoid doubling.
For this I would suggest feature to indent and group songs in hiearchy-like manner. Number of songs, duration and moving songs in list would follow also hiearchy.

Waiting for your replies.


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