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How to edit sheet music?
I’m familiar with notation software, so would have used that method, like you say, it is probably a little to difficult to do this with stamps etc.

Other than itsme’s suggestion... you could just replace that system.

You probably already know how to do this, but the basic steps would be similar to this:
Work out the original document size of your PDF, create a new document in your notation app at that page size, input the notation on to one system, (you might need to delete instrument name, add correct measure numbering etc., so it matches the existing systems), set margins, scale/resize to match existing size (might have to do this a couple of times when constructing the composite), the notation software probably allows you to select an area and save as an image file, import to an image app with the original page. If it has layers, you could reduce the new section’s opacity so you can line it up with the existing system and check it matches (noteheads are about the same size etc.), margins align etc. then with opacity back at 100% (so you only see the replacement system), export as PDF page.
In a PDF app, replace this page with the original, save, replace in MS.

Of course if you don’t need it done neatly, I would handwrite the system on some manuscript paper, scan it (or use camera app), and use an image app as above to composite.

I would find it much easier and quicker using my computer to do this rather than any Android apps.

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