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All of that is planned and should be possible except for the part about including CSVs and other files that aren't referenced in the MobileSheets database at all. They may be linked through PDFs, but I don't plan on opening every PDF in the library to check for links to files, as that would significantly slow down the sync.  If you are looking more for a directory sync, where every single file is copied to each device so certain folders match, I could certainly look into adding that either as separate option or utility, but that is not part of the core functionality I currently have planned. I can already see this getting messy with certain device combinations where one device may have folders in use that can't be created on the other device or one is using a removable SD card while the other doesn't, etc. I'll do my best to replicate file paths and folders when possible, but when not possible, I will have to fall back to using the storage location.


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