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Ideas for Mp3 file associations and "Guess Title From Filename"

I am working on a revamp of my entire chart/mp3 collection for MS and have two ideas I would like to mention to see if there would be any interest.
Implementing these would mean saving a lot of time, in my case anyway.

The first is regarding mp3 file association with songs.
I manage my own directories and for several reasons that I will not go into for the sake of being to the point, all mp3 songs are together in a separate directory. So, my question: Is there a reason why mp3 files need to be in the same sub-directory as the pdf files? If it is for the sake of batch imports being quicker, could this be an option that we could check so that MS could search the entire MS directory structure to associate mp3s? Or is there another reason that I am not aware?

The second is regarding "Guess Title From Filename", let's call it GTFF.
Like several people that use MS, I am waiting for the "Song Versioning" feature that Mike has said he will implement eventually.
In my case, modifying GTFF feature would be as good or better than versioning. From what I understand, GTFF removes underscores and adds/removes spaces from the filenames. Would it be possible to extend that to include a screen that determines a format for the song filename to use on import? I use my own format and sections are separated by characters that I don't use in filenames other than for this purpose.

So, it is exactly like "Song Title Formatting" already implemented in MS for the Library Screen, except it would already be present in the filename and used on import, syntax determined by a screen like the "Song Title Formatting" screen.

I guess it is also a little bit like the "Populate Metadata From Folders", a feature which I have used but found to be too limiting for me, especially since I already have a folder structure that I would like to keep.

In my case, in the "Song Editor", the "Files Tab" always contains only one file. Am I correct in saying that that is because my filenames are already formatted in a specific way before import? I don't see a way to include more than one file from a batch import into the Files Tab unless each version of the song has different formatting, e.g. one version has an underscore, one has no spaces, another has extra spaces, etc.

I am open to all feedback, even in the way I operate, if it this means a quick way to achieve the results I am looking for.


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