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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.0.8 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.0.8 have been released. This version contains a large number of bug fixes, along with a few enhancements. One very interesting problem that was brought to my attention is that the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets was having serious errors at startup if the user's username had an apostrophe in it. This was because the path to the application data directory would then also have an apostrophe in it, which caused errors with SQLite statements in Microsoft's own SQLite library. I've added a workaround for this, but users are strongly discouraged from having an apostrophe in their Windows 10 user name, and if they do have an apostrophe in their user name, they should consider switching to a different user name.

For those users on Samsung Note Pro 12.2 devices (and a few other tablets) that have experienced black screens on occasion, I have now added code to check for these black pages and immediately re-render the page if necessary. A user graciously helped me reproduce the problem and gather log data, which allowed me to finally have concrete information on what was actually occurring. The bitmap that was rendered from the PDF was actually nothing but black pixels (which I still can't explain). So if this ever happens, the page will be rendered again which should prevent the issue from occurring. 

See the full list of changes below:

Changes made to both versions (Android & Windows 10):
  • When importing a .mss file, empty placeholder songs will now be created for missing songs instead of them being skipped
  • Fixed bug with importing a. msf file containing values with commas in them
  • Added option to the "Reset Next Link" dialog to ignore all links. The dialog is now shown even if just one link is present in the song.
  • Added options to the Touch Actions to enable and disables taps and swipes to turn pages
  • Added option to update the song title when swapping files
  • When importing a file with "Automatically Add Matching Audio" enabled, any audio file who name matches the start of the imported file will be considered a match
  • Fixed chord pro rendering bugs
  • Fixed issue with the "Connect Devices" where devices could get out of sync while turning pages backward
  • Fixed bug where a pedal press would not scroll a page in the vertical scrolling display mode when the pedal is not allowed to change songs
  • Fixed bug with searching on certain fields on the library screen when on a group tab
  • Fixed bug with incorrect song count being displayed when deleting a group
  • Fixed bug that would incorrectly allow pages to be zoomed out slightly smaller than 100% under some conditions
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro on Android:

  • The enter key can now be used to select the first value in the library list on the group editor screen
  • Fixed bug with the long press to toggle overlay mode causing the overlay to be immediately hidden after being displayed on some devices
  • Fixed bug where deleting a song wouldn't remove all instances of it from setlists where it was added multiple times.
  • Fixed bug with batch importing from a read-only directory
  • Added checks to prevent the rare instance of an all black page on some devices
  • Fixed bug that would cause the notes dialog to crash on devices running Android 4.0
Changes made to MobileSheets on Windows 10:
  • Fixed bug that caused annotations to be positioned incorrectly when using the half page display mode in portrait orientation
  • The "Shared with Me" and "Starred" folders can now be properly accessed when using Google Drive
  • Fixed bug that could cause MobileSheets to encounter database errors if the path to the default location has an apostrophe in it
  • Fixed bug that could cause the incorrect encoding to be used when importing a .csv file
  • Fixed bug where part of the next page could be seen in the cropping editor
  • Fixed bug with toggling annotations on/off when using the half page display mode

If all goes well and there aren't any major bug reports in the next several weeks, I should be able to finally get a build ready for the library synchronization features. 


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