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Scrolling Speed on Different Monitors????
(04-04-2018, 04:09 PM)Zuberman Wrote: If you are using a square annotation with a white fill for the background, that should not be moving around on the score if you are using a PDF. It should be saved relative to the raw PDF coordinates so when you load the song on a different device, it will scale to match the amount the PDF is scaled on that device. If this is not working, it would help to have a screenshot of each device so I can see how much the annotation is off from where it should be.


Hi Mike, 

Here is a screen shot.... What All I did to create the problem was to drag MobileSheets across my four monitors to check how the scrolling worked with different resolutions on my WINDOWS 10 laptop. Oh, and time the scrolling from start to finish of the song on each monitor.

The original box was were the red circle is. I can select the text box as you can see, but I can't move it anymore to relocate it back to its original position, either with the arrows or by dragging the box. I get an error message when I try and delete it of "You cannot delete the only group". However, I can edit it! This is the same for the other similar text boxes I have created in this song.

For scrolling, I will try the Slowest-Fastest method again and see if I can get it fine tuned enough for each song. I personally would like the option to see an overall time after the "Initial Time before Scrolling Starts". A change in the visual scrolling speed won't worry me on different devices or screens as long as it tracks through the song at the same speed that I play it. If this is possible, then scrolling across different monitor and Android devices will be constant, which is ideal if you have to change devices urgently for some reason....

However, what is easy to say can be very difficult to implement and write, I know. I'm happy to assist in any way if required.


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RE: Scrolling Speed on Different Monitors???? - by JBlyth - 04-04-2018, 07:41 PM

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