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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.3 Released
MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.3 and MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.6.8 have been released. This update has a few enhancements and a moderate number of bug fixes. The most significant enhancement in this update is the ability to link songs to Genos file registrations. This feature would not have been possible without the help of Rudy (Rey_a) who contributed a great deal of time in helping me document and test messages sent to and from the Genos keyboard. To access this feature, go to the MIDI settings and set the device type to Genos. On the song editor MIDI tab, you will see a new link icon. Tap this icon to link the song to the current file registration on the Genos. Selecting the file registration on the Genos will now load the song, and loading the song will likewise select the file registration on the Genos. The full list of changes can be found below:

Changes made to both versions (Android & Windows 10):
  • Added support for linking PDFs with Yamaha Genos keyboards. The Genos device type must be selected in the settings and a new link icon will appear in the song editor.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent the databases on some devices from being correctly updated
  • Fixed bug that could cause chord pro lines to be rendered incorrectly when repeating a chorus
  • Fixed bug with modifying setlists after shuffling them
  • Fixed bug with loading songs using system exclusive messages
  • Added option to disable language sorting rules (useful when sorting using emojis)
  • Fixed sorting so that the Windows 10 and Android versions sort identically
  • Fixed various reported crashes
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro on Android:
  • Fixed bug with smart buttons linked to files not correctly opening those files in other applications
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash after exporting or sharing PDFs with annotations included
Changes made to MobileSheets on Windows 10:
  • Fixed serious issues that can occur when specifying a root drive such as C:\ as the storage location
  • Fixed bug with creating a library backup file on Dropbox
  • Fixed issue where the playback time in the audio player wouldn't change after playing back an audio track
  • Fixed issue with group entries not being colored gray when they contain no songs when using the "Skip Viewing Groups with One Song" setting
  • Fixed errors that can occur when MobileSheets tries to show multiple dialogs
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.6.8
  • Added new option in the song editor to control how the song title is determined from imported files
  • The file browser used by the batch import dialog will now respect the file filter that has been entered
  • Added error checking to prevent text and chord pro files from being mixed with other file types
  • Updated chord pro code to match tablet app

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