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Status of support for ChordPro meta data
Most of the songs I have in MSPro are in ChordPro format. For obvious reasons, I would like to maintain as much of the song metadata in the ChordPro source file.

(Group A) When a song is imported into MSPro, currently the following meta data directives are recognized:
  • title
  • subtitle
  • artist
  • album
  • time
  • key
  • tempo
  • duration
  • time (corresponds to signature)
  • capo
(Note: Only single values can be set.)

(Group B) The following ChordPro meta data directives are not yet recognized:
  • composer
  • year

(Group C) The following ChordPro meta data directives have no MSPro counterpart:
  • lyricist
  • arranger

(Group D) The following MSPro meta data do not have a ChordPro directive:
  • sorttitle
  • collection
  • setlist
  • source
  • genre
  • difficulty
  • custom
  • custom2
  • (custom) group
  • keywords

Fortunately, ChordPro has a {meta} directive that can be used to set the known meta data, but also allows for new meta data to be defined. For example, to set the genre:

{meta: genre Irish}

So I humbly request:
  1. to add support for the directives of group B;
  2. to ignore the directives of group C;
  3. to add support for {meta} and the keywords of group D;
  4. for all groups: allow multiple values to be defined.

  • These features can be implemented independently, not everything needs to be done at once.
  • I do not think it is necessary to be able to automatically (or on demand) update the source file on disk when meta data is modified although it would be nice if the source editor could update the source with actual meta data.
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