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Status of support for ChordPro meta data
(04-07-2018, 02:10 AM)Zuberman Wrote: I can certainly work on that.


Quote:When it comes to defining multiple values, do you mean a delimited list of values in the same directive, or combine all of the values from separate directives into one list? I'm assuming you mean the latter, so that you could do something like:

{artist: Artist 1}
{artist: Artist 2}

and they would both be added in MobileSheetsPro.

Yes, that's the idea. The ChordPro standard says “Multiple [...] can be specified using multiple directives.”. There is no provision for multiple entries in a single directive, mostly by lack of a sufficiently acceptable delimeter.

Quote:Also, your very last bullet about updating the source with actual meta data, can you elaborate a little bit about exactly what that would mean? Do you mean if you edit a chord pro file in MobileSheetsPro, at that moment in time I inject metadata values into the file to reflect the current metadata in MobileSheetsPro?

Not automatically, and not by default. I would suggest a menu entry (alongside Transpose, Insert, ...) "Actualize Metadata" or something similar. This would basically remove all (supported) meta data directives from the source and insert a new set of directives at the beginning, immedeately following {title}.

There are some complications, though. Meta data directives time, tempo and key are (assumed to be) position dependent. The standard says “Multiple key specifications are possible, each specification is assumed to apply from where it was specified.”

For example:

{tempo 100}
...normal tempo...
{tempo: 120}
...faster tempo...
{tempo: 80}
..slower tempo...

I know of no tool that actually supports this at this moment, but it could be made to work some day.

Unless someone has some clear ideas how to handle this I would leave updating meta data for a future version.
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