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Multiple Page Turn Anchor
(05-08-2018, 10:51 PM)greenlava Wrote: Hi,
   As another feature request (and based on the fact that I play musical theater), I would love to see and anchor similar to the "Links" function that's already available, where if I place this anchor on a page, activating the standard page turn function on that page will automatically skip a configurable number of pages with a single page turn process. (In another potential workaround, a page turn event could activate the "Link")

 Sometimes in musical theater I have multiple page cuts, so I need to turn 2 (or more page) and be ready to keep playing seamlessly, as if it were a normal page turn.  Right now, I have to press my page turn pedal twice (with a slight delay in between because of double-press prevention).  often times i'll be frantic enough that i'll press 3 times and go too far, then i have to go BACK a page, which takes a additional effort and thought, and almost always turns out bad Smile


On further review (you know, of the software manual) it appears this can be achieved with Page Order.  That being said, I'd love a tool in the annotations mode to "skip this page", which will automatically alter the page order accordingly.  either way, I think I'm happy with this the way it stands since I typically only need this functionality once or twice out of 100 pages.

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