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Font size and line thickness change with zoom ratio
Annotations are stored relative to the size of the page they were created on. This ensures that when the page is a different size on a different tablet, the size of the annotation will scale to match the size of that page. If you zoom in or out, you are effectively changing the page size, but the annotation size when it is created isn't scaled by the current zoom factor. So if you zoom in and create a size 30 text annotation, that is size 30 at that zoom level (meaning no matter whether you've zoomed in or out, a size 30 text annotation will look the same size on the screen).  At some point, I'm going to work on changing the annotations so that they stored and scaled relative to the raw dimensions of the page (which will require some database changes for text/chord pro documents that don't have dimensions at all). This would mean that a size 30 font would maintain its relative size if you zoom in or out. The problem is that, if you load one song with a page that is, let's say, 600x800 (raw dimensions), a size 30 font on that page will take up approximately 5% of the page width. If you then load a 800x1000 page and try to create a 30 font annotation, that annotation will take up 3.75% of the same width. So from the perspective of the user, they are saying they want a size 30 font, which they are getting, but size 30 font looks completely different on each song/page they are loading. I think that's going to be confusing to users as well, but I can't see a way around it. Either the size of the text annotation when created is relative to the screen so that you get a consistent size when it's first created, or it's relative to the document size in which case you won't really know exactly how big 30 will be until you create it. Which do you think is better?

The other possibility I'm investigating is scaling the MobileSheets text size based upon the scaling factor of the page. So if the raw page has been scaled up 2.5% to fit the screen, let's say, then the font size would be scaled down 2.5% when created (so that it is relative to the raw document size). Then my rendering engine will scale it up when drawing it. If I do this, size 30 font will appear the same size on the screen for every page you edit, but it will be a different size relative to the other content on the page. So if the page has been scaled up a lot, size 30 font relative to the page size might be very small. This would probably result in people having to adjust the text size to fit the document they are modifying anyways, which is why I think it's inferior to the first suggestion of just inserting the text relative to the raw page size and letting it scale up as needed. 

I'm open for feedback if someone thinks they have a technical solution I haven't considered yet.


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RE: Font size and line thickness change with zoom ratio - by Zubersoft - 06-04-2018, 03:18 AM

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