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Landscape - Single Page - Half-page Scroll - Crop
Hello, MS users!
I am a long time user of Windows-based music software and am trying to figure out the method to use MobileSheets to view my PDF sheet music (yes, simplistic opening). I use an iPad at church to read my Sheet Music, but need to use my Windows 10 laptop (with 64bit software) for a different venue. Also, with Finale, I create most of my sheet music.

As far as ease of use, the Two Page Mode In MS is great, but at 68yo, harder to read (?). Having used paper sheet music since High School, I’m used to the consistency of the pages. This (finally) leads to my question: How to best view pages in Landscape mode with a PageFlip pedal (I play a Wind Instrument)?

Single Page with Next Page pedal action doesn’t work because of the page length. Half Page Display with Half Page turns doesn’t work because the page turns land in the middle of staves. Cropping the pages is odd because of differences of the displayed “pages” (some are much larger than the previous page due to cropping out the white space of a page with only two or three staves).

MS is a great app (most of our church orchestra uses it on their Android tablets - I was using my iPad when I convinced them to go paperless). I just can not figure out an effective way to display the pages in Landscape (affording me an easier to read page). “User Assigned” Page Breaks would be great, but I am not using text docs where ChordPro script could be used.

Can anyone, please, offer a suggestion?

Thanks for your patience!


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Landscape - Single Page - Half-page Scroll - Crop - by dhsherbert - 06-05-2018, 11:56 PM

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