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Pedal Page Turning Requests
I've got 2 pedal page turnings requests for consideration for a future update

I'm using a 7 inch tablet (Nexus 7) in Landscape orientation, with the "Display Half Page in Landscape" option selected, and when I play with chord charts, I keep my chords/notes on a half of a page so they can all be visible at once on the tablet. When I'm going through a setlist, or even through a single song, I can move to the next page with my pedal (PageFlip Cicada) fine, but when I try to go to the previous page, it goes back a page, and shows me the bottom half of the page instead of the top, with no way to get to the top of the page except using my finger to scroll. What I end up having to do every time I want to go back a page, is to go back 2 pages and then forward 1 page to be able to see the top of my previous page hands free. It works, but is kind of pain. It would be great if there were an option for previous page to automatically display the top of the page, or at a minimum show the bottom of the page and then if you hit "Prev Page" again, go to the top of the page instead of the previous page... so every previous page request moves 1/2 page... because right now there's no way for me to go back through sets or songs, I can only go forward.

Another thing that I would absolutely love to see, although the logistics of it may be too difficult to make work well, is a pedal option that combines the smooth scroll AND the link points. So that it scrolls/turns pages until hitting a link point, then follows the link point. Although I try to keep my chord charts on half page to avoid this problem, I've started putting full sheet music in my library, and this would come in very handy when trying to read full sheet music on a 7 inch tablet... In portrait mode, the music is too small to read... in landscape mode with "Display Half Page in Landscape" selected, I can see the music, but have no way to see both the top and bottom of the page when needed and still use link points (That I've found)

Thanks for all you've done with the app, it's great, and keeps getting better!

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