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Saving vertical scrolling on a per piece basis
Mike, if you're thinking about some changes for vertical scrolling I wanted to warm up some old suggestions of mine.

I'm using vertical scrolling in portrait mode for my piano scores in my bigband. So there are quite a few repeats, segnos etc. for which 
I prepare the pages by the page order (duplicating and cropping them if necessary).

It's working pretty well but I'd like to suggest some enhancements.

First one is an old request for adjustable speed for page turns (which is scrolling up in my case) so the scrolling gets not to fast
and you can still follow the part you're currently playing with the eyes while scrolling.

The other one is similar to the original request in this thread. 

How about definable page turning points per song (for the manual scrolling modes of course) similar to link points?

I'm thinking of a behaviour where a page turn doesn't scroll to the top of the next page but to the page turn point
so the part marked by the point gets to the top of the screen (regardless if the turn point is on the same page or on the
next page). The turn points should be optionally visible or invisible in case one wants to see where they are while playing.

(For a while I also considered suggesting a "touch-scroll-mode" where the area you tap scrolls to the top regardless of
pages, cuts, crops and so on. Such a manual page turning could be a bit better fine-tuned to the best occasions and places
to turn/scroll the pages. But that is probably complex to implement. Also not really needed if the page turning
points make it into MSP.)

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