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Problems in Converting from Android to Windows

My new Windows tablet is running Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

It did a full update yesterday before I started using it for the first time, so I assume that this is the latest version.

I was quite happy with the Android version but I needed to run the "Bome MIDI Translator" software to control my MIDI hardware routing. Currently I use a laptop for t he Bome software and an Android tablet for MobileSheetsPro.

My plan was to simplify this by running BOTH on the new Windows tablet.

The "Bome" software hasn't given me any trouble as it's only created for Windows or IOS.

I would like to see if I have the same problem on my Windows laptop.  How can I get access to a downloadable copy of MobileSheetsPro without purchasing it AGAIN? The "Bome" software has a "long text key" that they keep on your account login. So it was easy to install it on another PC without any hassle.

I will prepare some images and email you the "msf file" for you to try. I've tried creating a new set of screen capture images that I used as a test. They exhibit the same problem. Sometimes it shows a "Hemisphere" instead of a full circle for the link. Very strange.

Is there a way of changing the colours you use for the link blobs? You seem to be using "Transparency" in the blobs as you can see through them. Is there anything in Windows that controls transparency? The links are there, I just feel they are being defined as 100% transparent.  i.e. invisible. 


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RE: Problems in Converting from Android to Windows - by harvey_twyman - 11-27-2018, 02:39 AM

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