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Show SetList Notes or a Label field in Setlist views.
That's exactly what I was thinking, a short label that you could opt to show on the screen if your device had the real estate.  I just started using MSP on my phone and it clearly would not work well there, but I've got an 11" tablet with plenty of room for it.  If it were limited to, say 15 characters, and then there was an option to show it and you limited it to be 20-30% of the width that would suit my needs. 

I could see having an option to just show the Setlist note in the same field with an ellipse if it got too long if you didn't want to change the data model.

I can make do without this, but it seems there could be a tiny bit more flexibility in how to show set-list specific notes/data in the library and music views.

An alternative would be to at least have a way of overlaying the setlist notes onto the current music page and, in library mode maybe having setlist nodes as an advanced field to show in the caption.  And possibly have th eoption to show the caption in the setlist overlay to the music view.

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