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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro version 2.5.8 released
Another round of updates has been released with mainly bug fixes and some minor enhancements. The Windows 10 version has not been approved by Microsoft yet, but should be available for download in the next day or two. See the full list of changes below:

Common Changes

Song display settings are now packaged with .msf files
Automatic cropping of imported files is now disabled by default
Fixed bug where changing the page order of a song would not correctly update bookmark page numbers
Fixed potential crashes if invalid page numbers are used with PDFs
Added independent MIDI actions to start and stop automatic scrolling
The timer for automatically turning off the screen after an hour is now reset if a MIDI command is received
The last modified timestamp for songs will no longer be modified when scanning for file changes and no changes actually occur
Added field to enter page numbers on the new bookmark dialog

MobileSheetsPro v2.5.8 (Android)

A popup message is now shown if stylus mode is active and touch input is received but a stylus has not been used
Fixed bug with exporting files to the cloud if all options are unchecked
Fixed various reported crashes

MobileSheets v2.5.8 (Windows 10)

Fixed issue with the automatic scroller when using a fixed total duration that caused the timing to be inaccurate
Fixed issue with changing annotation groups that caused the cycling of groups to not work correctly
Fixed issue with advanced audio player failing to load files with unicode characters
Fixed issue with pedal mappings not being saved correctly if one of the last three values was selected
Fixed potential layout issues in the song editor and cropping screen
MIDI will now continue to function in the background as long as the application is not suspended by Windows
Fixed issue that could cause issues with synchronizing the libraries of paired devices over bluetooth
Improved quality of stamps and text that overlaps with other annotations when exporting annotations into a PDF
Added support for dragging and dropping files into the song editor files and audio lists
Fixed issue with certain windows like the media player going off the screen after the window resizes or is rotated
Fixed crash when writing out annotations to file multiple times in a row
Fixed bug where metadata input was ignored if it was not committed and matched an existing entry
Fixed a significant number of reported crashes and errors
Updated SQL and other libraries. The Fall Creator's Update of Windows 10 is now the minimum supported version

MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.8.3

Added support for song display settings in .msf files
Fixed bug where changing the page order of a song would not correctly update bookmark page numbers


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