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new songs not stored with relative paths
I had some e-mail discussion with Mike that I want to bring back to the forum.
It seems to be difficult to make sure that relative paths are used in any case.
Mike wrote
"... While I would like to add specific checks for those paths to fix them if needed, the problem is that it absolutely could break things for some users. For example, with newer Android versions, you can adopt an SD card as your primary storage, so I have no idea if you do this if /storage/emulated/0 is used or if there is a completely different set of rules. ..."

So here's my summary and alternative proposal:

In cases that I reported above, file paths are not stored as relative paths in MSP on Android as expected. If I copy a database with those paths to MSP on Win10 the paths are invalid.
The issues that prevent repairing the invalid paths on the Win10 device are fixed. The fixes shall be included in one of the next MSP versions.
I can avoid problems if I ALWAYS use storage/emulated/0 and NEVER use storage/emulated/legacy or storage/sdcard0

The only remaining open issue is that I'm not able to notice easily on the Android device if there are paths in the library that are not relative, within the MSP folder and will cause problems when the database is copied to MSP on a Win10 device.

my proposal:
Please add file paths (%FILE_PATHS%) to the list of searchable fields in the filter toolbar.
Thus I can search for paths containing "storage", "legacy" or "sdcard0" and fix them easily using "Swap File" or "Fix Broken File Paths".
This should be a small change with almost no side effects that is easy to test. And it might be useful also in some other cases.
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