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Syncing/Uploading a huge libary

I'm also having problems syncing a library of similar size to a cloud folder. MSP seems to crash (window closes) after some time syncing. Part of the problem is my upload speed is very slow, about 0.7 Mbps (bits, not bytes). I start the sync and it seems to work for a while, but after some hours of running, it's only at 25% or so. Then MSP window will close and if I reopen it and start the sync again, it starts from the beginning each time. I understand why after reading this thread, but with my slow connection it's very frustrating.

I started monitoring the network traffic on my router to see if anything strange was apparent. The strange thing I noticed is that the traffic showed MSP was still uploading after it apparently closed. I couldn't find a process for it in task manager, but I'm new to ChromeOS. There was no change in the rate of data when opening, closing MSP or starting and stopping the sync. I rebooted the Chromebook to stop the data flow. The data flow during the sync is pretty much steady at my max upload rate with a few times it briefly drops off when the log is outputting info.

I did find one song with a crazy long title (several pages long) caused by unmatched quotes in a CSV file song name. It looked like the import just made the rest of the CSV file into the song name. I removed that and I'm trying to sync again. It may be several hours before I know if it succeeds.

I looked at syncing to a local file, but it seems different than the cloud in that the cloud sync just wants a folder to sync to, but local file wants an actual file name. Would this be a .msb file created by a previous backup?  Does the sync then update this file?


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