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Candidate suggestions for Floating Toolbar and/or Quick Action Box
(08-03-2019, 04:29 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: Since I'm already adding the orientation toggle for you in the top left corner of the quick action box, I'll add a fullscreen toggle at the top right. That should be pretty simple to implement I believe. 

Great! Very much appreciated. If you agree and for whenever you have the time, I think that both of these toggles would also be useful on the Floating Toolbar.

If you're using the Library Display and in landscape mode, you might want to quickly change to portrait orientation in order to have more vertical space to examine lists.

You might be in the Library Display looking at a list of groups of a particular type, or a list of songs for a particular group. You might be scrolled down the list to a particular position. It would be nice if after leaving and then returning to Mobilesheets you would not need to navigate back to that location. Otherwise you could exit MSP and restart to your Initial Library Tab, as currently.

These two toggles could maybe be on the action bar, but the words "orientation" and "fullscreen" alongside the icons which would make it too cluttered. Better if the icons could be squeezed into the Floating Toolbar, with the fullscreen toggle logically next to the filters toggle as both show or hide bars at the top of the screen.

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