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Candidate suggestions for Floating Toolbar and/or Quick Action Box
For the Quick Action Box I would suggest:
-->Quick one page turn when in two-page (landscape) display. In two page display mode I usually have turning behavior set to two pages at a time, which minimizes page turning (pedals set to Activate Next/Previous Link Or Go To Next/Previous Page). Occasionally though I want a particular page to be on the left side rather than  the right so that a page turn occurs at a more convenient score location.

For a simple example, a song has an intro on page 1 and possibly part of page 2. Then the verse starts on the top or middle of page 2. After playing the intro there's a break where I might want to have a quick one page turn so that pages 2 and 3 are on the same screen. Thereafter I would continue with two page turns. There are several ways to make this adjustment but most involve too many taps during performance.

Both pedal and touch actions have a "Turn Two Pages Backward/Forward" setting, but not a One Page Backward/Forward option. If this were a button in the Quick Action Box I could easily adapt the pages displayed for a more logical page turn.

Currently I can deal with the situation in my example by setting a repeat of page 2 and using annotations. I white out or fade: all or any area of the first instance of page 2 that contains verse; and none or any area of the second instance of page 2 that contains intro.

Another example is a song within a pdf collection of songs, where the song has an even number of pages with the first page falling on the right side. If you could quickly get it on the left there would be one fewer page turns and the turns may (or may not) be more conveniently located. You could set up a bookmark or a snippet or manually enter a page number, but it's too much trouble for an infrequent read of a song.

Generally it would be useful to have a quick ad hoc single page turn while doing mostly two page turns, in order to center on the transition between two particular pages.

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