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Sync to OneDrive fails
(08-06-2019, 01:23 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Sorry that you've been running into issues like that. Does the sync always stop on exactly the same song and/or file?  It would be great if we can isolate which song or file may be causing the problem. If not, then one option would be for me to get a copy of your library backup file (email a link to mike@zubersoft.com) so I can see if there is something specific to your library that is causing issues. How large is the library you are trying to sync to OneDrive? I'll also run some tests on my end to ensure nothing has changed recently in regards to the connection to OneDrive.


Hi Mike,

the sync process does not always stop at the same file. Sometimes it's the first, then it's the 6th, the the 11th.
The library contains:
98 chordpro files (a total of some 140kByte)
513 PDF files (a total of some 9.5MByte)
the mobilesheets.db (448kByte)
the hashcodes (54 kByte)

A complete backup (including settings etc.) is some 10MB. I'll send you a link to a recent backup.

I am using a TrekStore theatre 13.3 tablet and I just found out (or at least suspect) that the tablet seems to be the problem. Syncing from cheap Denver tablet worked just fine.
Any chance there is a log on the tablet that could point out whether t's maybe a faulty installation? 

After the initial sync process from the Denver tablet (first push of all files to the cloud folder) was successfully completed, a sync from the TrekStore tablet to the same OneDrive folder went at least much further on and sync'ed some differences correctly, but still didn't go through.


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