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Adding audio files - adds two copies
I've just started using MSP and I'm discovering new features all the time - it's a really nice piece of work, so thanks!

I do see some strange behaviour, however. When I add an audio file to a song, I found that two copies of the same file are listed in the Audio Files box after I've made my selection. This occurs when I click the Folder with Magnifier icon and select "File Manager +" as the file picker. The native file manager doesn't appear as an option while Dropbox and some other Apps do. If I select a file using the plain Folder icon instead, a single copy of the file is added to the list, as expected. 

Another audio file quirk I've noticed is that, having made a backup using the Desktop Companion, if I extract a song from the backup on my PC, associated audio files are not successfully extracted. Extraction starts as normal, the PDF of the sheet music is extracted but then a dialogue pops up saying, for example: 

Error creating audio file
Error creating: D:\MobileSheetsPro\Along Came Betty\02 Along Came Betty.mp3

When I dismiss this by clicking OK, I get a similar message for a second audio file attached to this song. Dismissing this second message then generates a final dialogue:

Extraction Successful
Song files successfully extracted to D:\MobileSheetsPro\

but of course the audio files are not there.

These audio files work correctly in the app on my tablet. Is it possible that they are not being copied to the backup?

One thing I've noticed. I have a lot of songs held in a single large multi-page PDF file. When I extract a single song, the entire PDF is stored in the song folder on my PC. The backup doesn't look big enough to have multiple copies of the PDF in it, so it looks as though MSP is making a single copy of the PDF and extracting it for every song that references it, which is great.

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Adding audio files - adds two copies - by raichea - 08-20-2019, 02:15 AM

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