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Option for Pop-Up Text Box When Leaving a Song
(09-26-2019, 04:16 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: Hello Jeff,

Are you saying that pop-up would only be shown when returning from a song back to the library screen? Or would you also want it shown when switching songs in the same setlist? What happens if you leave one song that has notes to be displayed but the next song also has notes? Display the leaving notes then the next notes? That's definitely going to make it a little more messy. I would also have to add additional settings in the notes UI to control which notes are displayed when leaving a song versus showing it. So I'm not sure what the timeline would be for something like this. It would definitely help if a lot of other users throw their weight behind it as well, otherwise it seems like an unusual request except for the scenario you described.

Hello, Mike,

How I envision it, I could set up the option that whenever I leave the particular song, the pop up would show to remind me to clear out the Registration Split (or, of course, whatever I write in the text box).  In my mind it would be set it up so it won't let me leave that song without tapping on it again.

I guess you have deal with different situations when you are leaving a song.   Ideally, it would be set up to apply whenever you leave that song (whether you are going to the next song in a set list or collection, or whether you are returning to set list, or returning to a collection, etc.).  So, the idea would be that you could set it up so the pop up would show (and keep you from leaving the song until you tapped again) every time you leave the song for any reason.  (Alternatively, you could limit it to leaving a song in a set list, whichever is easier for you).

This would not interfere with any pop-up text in the next song.  That would pop up when you opened the next song.

I wouldn't think this would be too unwieldy.  


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