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Deselected Fields Appear When Batch Editing Songs
This is far from an urgent problem, but I've noticed that if I edit the data fields for a single song, only the fields I've chosen to view appear, which in my case is: Title, Collections, Keys, Composers, Genre, Years and Sources.

However, if I attempt to edit several songs as a Batch Edit in the Companion or by selecting multiple songs in MobileSheets Pro, other fields also appear.

In the case of MobileSheets Pro when checking multiple boxes to edit several songs at once I also see the fields for: Rating, Keywords, Custom, Custom 2, Difficulty, Tempos & Duration.

In the case of the Companion when "Batch Editing" I also see the fields for: Rating, Difficulty, Tempos & Duration, however if I don't select "Batch Edit" and instead select "Edit", I don't see the extra fields but of course have to edit them one at a time.

Another VERY minor issue is the use of square brackets [ ] in a Song Title. I use square brackets in song titles for various reasons, most often as a quick visual indication of the number of pages in a lead sheet or score or with commas to better differentiate what I've chosen to isolate.

For example, I have the Christmas song "Home For the Holidays" named as follows: "Home for the Holidays, (There's No Place Like Home) - C [2P]" in my library which tells me the title & alternate titles (I also have it copied as There's No Place Like Home... for ease of locating it), the key and the number of pages.

The problem comes when adding songs as PDF's to my library via the Companion, if I added "Home for the Holidays" as a PDF named as I wished to the library via the companion, it adds an extra space between the [ and the numeral which isn't there in the song title. That necessitates a manual editing of the song title which isn't a big deal, but an annoyance none the less since that is the only change I need to make to a song title.

Again an EXTREMELY minor issue but I assume a bug none the less since all other PDF file name characters & spacing seems to carry over just fine.

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Deselected Fields Appear When Batch Editing Songs - by Scherzo - 11-21-2019, 05:38 AM

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