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Tally counter and Timer/Stopwatch and post UWP questions
Hello Mike.

Thanks for the reply.  Having designed software for many years myself, I totally get the concept of "what the customers ask for drives what is built".  I'm sad they weren't just hard to find, but that's life.  All of that sounds reasonable to me.

A suggestion - perhaps they would best live in a new product.  I hate spending more money, but sometimes modularity is a very good thing i.e. Wordperfect was the best word processor until Amipro was better, and then Word was way better, and by then WP was so big it didn't have much chance of a rebuild.  A lot of companies lost alot of training budget because WP was too big (I don't want to say bloated, that is now, I'm talking about around 95-98) to get a rebuild.  So a new practice tools add-on might be a better way to go anyway.  That would definitely aid in issues 1 and 2 of your (totally valid) list, these practice tools could be SDI and then the user can figure out where to put them.  I assume that all UWPs are MDI, but maybe that isn't true.

I think UWP will go the way of desktop gadgets, an ugly notice in the middle of the night and poof it's gone.  But that's just me.  I would hate for that to happen to you for exactly the reasons you said, you have so much of this awesome product tied to UWP, and I have so much time invested in learning it for my own use.  Oh yeah, to be clear, I wasn't complaining about resizing Mobile Sheets at all.  I didn't realize that I had made it sound like this was a bad aspect of M. Sheets, it isn't.  M. Sheets should always be large, it's the focal window.  I was complaining about everything else in the windows store.  There is no reason for a Metronome to take up over 12 square inches of a monitor screen but that's about as small as I can get the one's I've tried.  Of course this could just be the huge number of "App designers" out  there who never bothered to become coders much less programmers.  Maybe they don't know the tools available to them so they don't use them - maybe there are good UWP programs out there, I only know of one... and it's the one you wrote.  Nothing else I've gotten from the windows store has lasted past smoke testing on my computers.  It's like going back to DOS world, one program at a time and they may never interact with one another, therefore they take the whole screen and every resource.  I loved the 80's but that isn't the reason I would want to go back.

Oh for anyone who might have some problem with sizing for mobile sheets, I can recommend Display Fusion.  I just split my 27" monitor into 3 different screens and M. Sheets is always full (virtual) screen - beautiful.  

I will keep an eye out for when the new features appear.  I generally only update quarterly or bi-annually, But this might drive me to put up a virtual machine so I can test more often.

Thank you for your time,


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