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MIDI Receive commands and triggers
1. Unfortunately, no, there isn't a direct way to have a MIDI command go to a specific page of a song. However, you can use MIDI commands to trigger smart buttons, so if you place a smart button in your score that is configured to go to a specific page of a song, you can then use the MIDI command to trigger that. Just set the MIDI action to "Activate Next Smart Button"

2. There is a pedal action for "Activate Next Smart Button", but this does not activate all the smart buttons on the current page and then advance to the next page. It just triggers smart buttons anywhere in the song in the order they were created. This is because I had a request to trigger smart buttons throughout the song instead of per page. I would need to add a new pedal action to "Activate Next Smart Button or Go to Next Page" similar to the action that exists for link points. If this is important for you, I can write up a feature request for this. The number of pedal actions is getting extremely long, so I may have to think of a better way of listing the supported pedal actions instead of a giant scrollable list. 

3. At the moment, no, you can't copy MIDI commands between smart buttons. Several users have asked for the ability to copy commands or create a list of favorites, so it's on my list of things to do. Based on the number of requests I'm getting for this, I'm going to have to raise the priority to get it done sooner.

4. Long press the smart button and it will let you reposition it


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