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BUG: annotation mode boxes can't be moved all the way to bottom of screen
It's been mentioned in various posts over the forums (I could link to about 10 various posts but they all state similar information). There isn't a simple write-up describing everything I'm changing, but the summary is that I'm getting rid of the separate editor screen, you'll be able to annotate directly on the main display, and I'm switching to faster approaches to accessing tools (a radial menu is being added similar to OneNote and Drawboard). You'll be able to set up favorite tool settings, quickly switch between them, the previous stamp implementation has been replaced with font-based stamps which scale properly to any size, you can add your own custom stamps, and there are some new dedicated drawing tools (arrows, crescendo/decrescendo, piano staff, guitar tab, chord diagrams). I'm also adding an option so that the annotation editing mode will be activated automatically if a smart stylus either hovers above the screen or touches the screen. There will also be an option to automatically exit the annotations editor after no smart stylus input is received for a configured amount of time (so you can pick up the stylus, annotate, put it down, and the app is back to viewing mode).  The changes are pretty massive so I can't cover it all here. When the beta test is ready, I'm going to write up details on the changes. I'm going to start with beta-testing on Android, and Windows 10 will come later. 


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RE: BUG: annotation mode boxes can't be moved all the way to bottom of screen - by Zubersoft - 02-24-2020, 09:29 AM

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