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Scrolling Bug (Set List)
Hi Mike

Thanks for the explanation.
In my case the cropped 2nd page is only cropping an unused white area so I can easily fix my problem by displaying more white space

I can see what you are saying but, to me, only the first song had vertical scrolling so the scroll should have stopped as soon as the last page reached the top (this would leave a small 2nd page showing with the top of the following song below it). - the position of the top of the 2nd song doesn't really come into it.

My current method of scrolling is to Start Scrolling after a long delay e.g. 125 seconds. This is not the best because when I'm 3/4 down the page I'm thinking "shouldn't it be scrolling by now?" and/or "did I remember to start scrolling before the song started?". If I did forgot to press start scrolling, I can't press it now as it going to take another 125 seconds before it starts; this means that I have to manually scroll or tap for the next page (something I'm trying to avoid).
It would be nice if a Smart button could be used which would initiate immediate scrolling (that would be a single tap) and, when the first page completely fills the screen, a reminder that a 2nd page does exist. Having such a Smart button means one could place it at an appropriate place near the bottom of the page. There would be no need for any visual cues as this would be provided by the immediate scrolling.

Another use for a Smart button would be to use it to initiate normal scrolling i.e. using the configured scroll settings (in my case after 125 secs). This could be placed near the top of the song as a reminder to press it. However, it would need to change colour or provide some other indication to show that it has been activated. Your current implementation of the buttons doesn't seem to provide any such visual cue other than a quick button blink and the immediate execution of the action. Modifying it to what I'm suggesting sounds like a lot of work so it is probably best to leave it as it is.

As always, many thanks for a great program and all your excellent support

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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