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PDF Bookmark s--undesirable behavior
Now that I've successfully created PDF bookmarks with JpdfBookmarks AND successfully imported that enhanced PDF with a CSV Import, I've noticed the following:

1 - If I open an individual song that accesses that bookmarked PDF, the bookmarks window shows the bookmarks for the entire PDF (pretty nice).

2 - The bad part is that if one tries to click on any of those bookmarks, MSP treats the indicated page number as a page WITHIN the current song (e.g. if the song is page 100 and has 10 pages and you click on a PDF bookmark for a different song that begins on pg 6 of the PDF, MSP will happily turn to pg 6 of CURRENT SONG. Worse, if you try to recover to get back to the beginning of the song by clicking on ITS bookmark, MSP will do nothing (or something else not useful, I can't remember) because the CURRENT SONG has no page 100.

I have suggested previously that it would be nice if the displayed PDF bookmarks would navigate immediately to the indicated other song (or at least navigate immediately to that song's page within the .PDF). Then the user could get back to the song they were on by clicking on the original song's PDF Bookmark. This is the way MSP behaves when one has opened the entire PDF as one "Song" and is VERY NICE.

If MSP is NOT going to function similarly when only one Song is currently loaded, then perhaps it should decline to allow any clicking of the PDF bookmarks that relate to other pages in the PDF not relevant to that song. Even for pages in the PDF that ARE part of the current song, the page numbers will not match (unless it's a one-song PDF), so there's really no useful purpose for allowing the user to click on PDF bookmarks (vs. merely seeing them) when the entire PDF is not then loaded as a song. This is true UNLESS my suggestion is adopted for having MSP interpret such a click as a request to navigate to that page of the underlying PDF, whether retaining the current "song" as loaded (for purposes other than viewing) or interpreting it as a request to load the indicated new song (if that song's page number in the PDF can be recognized by MSP as belonging to another song in the user's Library).

Hope I've explained this accurately and understandably. I could understand NOT adopting my suggestion, but I could not understand allowing the user to click on something that doesn't accomplish what the user clearly would be intending that click to accomplish and then not displaying any error message AND (sometimes) changing the user's position within the currently loaded song.

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