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deleting unused field values
When I say matching groups, I'm referring to any other group type that has a value (i.e. name) that matches the new name assigned to the group being renamed. If you can think of a more concise way to correctly describe that, please let me know. Just realize that anything I enter has to be translated into 13 other languages, and some languages like German usually result in much longer phrases. 

I don't think it's a bad thing you don't want to click on icons if you don't know what they do, but there aren't too many icons you can click that would change something that you can't undo by just clicking the icon again. Obviously clicking a trash can icon or an X is probably going to delete something if it's in a list, but otherwise you are pretty safe to click any icon. I do realize that tooltips are needed - like I said, I'm going to add them as soon as I can. That's the only downside of being a one-man team - development is going to take longer than if I had a full team of developers working. 

As far as icons, I generally use Google's material design icons: https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline

That's where the "select_all" icon came from. They didn't have a clear selection icon, so I altered their select all icon. If you can think of a more intuitive icon for deselecting everything, let me know. Google has an entire team dedicated to creating intuitive icons, so that's why I'm using a lot of their icons.

You don't have to worry about me going anywhere - I'm supporting MobileSheetsPro for a long time to come (I can't imagine ever giving up on it unless all of my users stopped using the app). I'm in my thirties, so I'm not retiring anytime soon Smile


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