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Locked Into Landscape Orientation
Hi Mike

Hope everything is well with your family.

Most of my single page files are PDFs and are displayed in portrait mode.
One of my these files needs to be displayed in landscape mode.

When flicking through a collection, the preceding song displays in portrait mode and the landscape page is displayed on it's edge (as one would expect). This is fine as it is a fret board diagram and is not intended to be played as a song. However, when flicking to the next proper song (Pink Panther), the display is now stuck in landscape mode even though the tablet is still in a portrait position. Pressing "back" (to display the collection) shows in landscape mode. Going into the settings reverts the display to portrait mode (but you also have to rock the tablet)

Looking at the "Select Display Mode" values (Global Settings unchanged throughout :  All unchecked, Tone None, Alignment Top)

Preceding Song Page

- Orientation Portrait
- Display Mode "Single Page"
Checked (Use Default display mode for song)

The Landscape Page

- Orientation Landscape
- Display Mode "Vertical Scrolling" (same if using "Single Page")
 UnChecked (Use Default display mode for song)
- Display Mode Vertical Scrolling

The following song page (Pink Panther)

- Orientation Landscape
- Display Mode "Vertical Scrolling"  
 Checked (Use Default display mode for song)
- Display Mode Vertical Scrolling
Note: rotating the tablet has no effect on the display

(after going into Settings and rocking the tablet)
Pink Panther 

- Orientation Portrait

- Display Mode "Single Page"

 Checked (Use Default display mode for song)

- Display Mode Vertical Scrolling

This implies that values from the landscape page are being propagated to the next song in the collection.

Strangely, having gone through the flicking sequence. the collection page is stuck in landscape mode (rotating tablet has no effect).
However, if one presses back immediately after displaying the landscape page and without going to the next song, the collection is shown in portrait mode (no tablet rotating required)

I hope this is sufficient info !


MSP 2.9.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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