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Loop-fuction does not work properly
I can only seem to reproduce one bug while testing this. If A-B looping is enabled, and you try to move the A position to a location that was outside the original loop range, it will set the A position back to the previous A loop position. If you then try to set B to a position outside the loop, it will set B to the same position as A, meaning it's looping on the same second. If you set the loop points to positions inside the previous loop range, it works fine. Likewise, if you turn off A-B looping, then set the A-B loop points, then turn it back on, it should work fine regardless of what positions you've selected.

So as a workaround, turn the A-B looping off, then set your loop points, then turn it on. I'll work on fixing the bugs I described above. If you are experiencing different bugs, I'm going to need exact steps to reproduce them, as those were the only issues I could reproduce.

As a side note, the feature was envisioned to be used where you are playing the track, you hit the A to mark the start of a section, you let it play to where you want it loop, then you hit the B button when it reaches the end of the section. Trying to move the loop points while the track is stopped isn't how I figured most people would use it, as you wouldn't know exactly what point you were in the track without playing it. If you think about it in terms of how I planned for it to be used, it makes sense that you would only set the A-B loop points either to points inside the current loop point (the track wouldn't play sections outside that), or you would disable A-B looping, then set the new points, then turn it back on again.


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RE: Loop-fuction does not work properly - by Zubersoft - 05-07-2020, 01:43 AM

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