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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
I ended up ordering three more of the Boox Max3 so that my group has a quartet set and they arrived today. I got them set up pretty quickly and installed the e-Ink version of MSP on each of them. The hardest part is getting the screen protector on without getting dust under it - some always gets in. I tried out the MSP functions for sharing control across devices and sharing libraries etc and it all works really nicely.

I've been trying to work out how best to set up MSP for the quartet and I've got to say that I am really looking forward to the versioning update. Mike pointed out a workaround which I haven't tried yet but I think the versioning system is what the quartet set up really needs so I hope it happens. I ended up using a different workaround which seems to have worked so far. I've set up a separate library for each instrument (each library has all the pieces but just the parts for that one instrument - the instruments are attributed using the custom group). The titles and file names all match and that seems to mean that when a setlist is shared it doesn't matter which instrument is sending the setlist, it still ends up with the right part and the right piece on the receiving tablet. Does that rely on the title and file name matching or does it just match from the title? Also just wondering, does it use the title in the title field or the whole custom formatted title?

There were a couple of things that didn't work as I expected them to when I was trying out the features for connecting tablets and backing up so I wanted to check whether I'm doing it right.

At first I just had one library which had all the parts for all the pieces and I had that same library on all the tablets. When I connected them with loading of songs/setlists controlled by the master it all worked as expected - opening a song on the master opened it on the others too. The different parts for a given piece all have the same title but it always opens the same part as in the master (e.g. opening the cello part in the master opens the cello part in the others). I then tried sharing a setlist via bluetooth or via export though and with that method if I share a setlist which has different parts with the same title (e.g. the viola and cello part for a piece) then the receiving tablet won't have the right parts - items on the list with the same title and same file name will bring up the same part (e.g. all cello parts). Does the mss file just use the title field and file name but ditch the other attributes?

When I linked the tablets I changed the name of the tablets in the settings dialogue under the 'connect tablets' dialogue so that they wouldn't all have the same name but the name change doesn't seem to persist - it reverts back to the automatic name quite quickly which means that the connected slave devices all show up on the master with the same name. Is there a way of changing the name so that it doesn't revert back?

When I connect the tablets via wi-fi I put in a group name on the master and that name shows up on the other tablets. But when I use bluetooth even though I put in a group name on the master what shows up on the slaves is the device name for the master. The device names that show up on the master are the ones that can be set (briefly) in the 'connect tablets' settings dialogue but the one that shows up on the slave tablets is the device name that I set through the native bluetooth settings on the master tablet. Connecting the tablets through bluetooth works just as well as connecting with wi-fi but I was wondering whether the group name should be showing up during bluetooth connection instead of the device name.

When I was setting up separate libraries for individual instruments I backed up the library with all the parts for all the pieces, then created a new library, then tried to restore the backup to this new library (so that I could then delete the songs that didn't belong to that instrument from the new library) but it didn't restore them to the new library. When the restore was finished I exited and it had switched the first library back to being the active one (and presumably restored the data to that library). When I changed to the new library there was nothing in it. I ended up syncing the original library to the cloud then synced the cloud to the new library (then deleted the unneeded songs) and that worked but should I be able to restore the data from one library into another library on the same device?

Apart from those questions it all seems to be working really well.

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