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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
Mike, thanks again for the reply.

I was using mss files to share the setlists and I haven't entered any SongID values anywhere. Thanks for explaining how it works. Having the instruments in separate libraries solves the problem for me for now (until the versioning update).

Looking forward to the bug fixes for the non-default libraries and any info on the tablet naming - might be a glitch with the Max 3 I guess.

One other thing to mention. Most of my files are pdfs with all the parts for one piece in each pdf. To divide them up I import the pdf, create a song with just the part for one instrument (by narrowing the page range), saving that 'song', then copying it for each of the other instruments' parts. I spent a chunk of time loading up files that way through the companion today and noticed a couple of things. When I drag and drop a bunch of files in at once it opens a new song dialogue for each then I go through and create a song out of each of them but when I get to the last one it often says that it can't access the file and crashes the wi-fi connection to the tablet. Also, when I copy a song to make a part for one of the other instruments in the file it often takes a while to load the display of the page in the files tab and sometimes it says that it can't access the file and then closes the dialogue. I can avoid that by either making the changes in the first tab (I.e. changing the instrument group) then saving it and opening it again (the page display on the files tab then opens instantly), or by opening the page range dialogue before it's had a chance to tell me it can't access the file - once I've changed the page range and closed that dialogue the page display back on the files tab again opens instantly. The page display always opens instantly if I'm just editing a song too, the issue only seems to arise when I'm copying a song and then go to the files tab before saving. Hope that all makes sense.

Keep up the good work. Cheers, Guy

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