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MSP for string quartet/small ensembles
I found a workaround for syncing the library to the cloud so that I could load it into a library with a different name. If I re-name the target library to have the same name as the original then that seems to work.

To make the tablets work for the quartet (different parts for each piece) I'm now saving each piece as four songs (one for each instrument) with the same title, and backing the whole library up as a single backup file. I then create a new library for each instrument in all the tablets, restore the backup to each library (by temporarily changing the name of the library to the name of the library the backup came from), then delete the parts for the other three instruments from that library, and change the name back to the instrument name. When the tablets are synced setlists and songs can be sent from the master to the slave tablets and each tablet will show the parts for the right instrument, and any tablet can be used for any instrument. Using the backup feature instead of the sync feature means that it's much faster and also means I avoid the problem I was having with syncing where the app would sometimes seem to lose track of songs which have the same title and file as other songs - that problem doesn't seem to arise when I use the backup/restore function instead of the sync function.

Not sure if any of this is useful to anyone else but thought I'd mention it. Still keen to find out about the advanced formatting if anyone has any ideas.

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