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Annotation groups
Things are going to be changing with the annotations redesign. I'm moving away from the concept of groups and changing to a concept of layers where you can turn on and off individual layers. The previous actions to switch between groups are still supported in a sense - when you press a pedal to switch to the next group, it will turn off all layers but the layer being switched to. When creating a new layer, you must provide a name (the default is Layer 1, Layer 2, etc), and an option is present to add a new layer with the same name to all pages of the song. So you would be able to do what you asked for. There is no connection between groups/layers and setlists though. I don't really plan on adding something like that, as I'm not even sure where you would assign the layer you want to use with a particular setlist. For something like this, I think you would be better off utilizing the song versioning feature which is coming in a future update that would let you use different versions of a song in each setlist. Then instead of using annotation groups/layers, you would just have multiple versions of the song with different annotations in each version.


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