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Reading msb pages in bright sunlight
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

I have a problem with the auto-scroll on the Max3. Just wondering whether this is likely to be the Max3 or the app or just me not understanding how it's meant to work. Auto-scroll was working fine when I was using it with the default setting but when I set the speed as 'immediate' it doesn't do anything when I try and start the auto-scroll. In fact once auto-scroll is started the page doesn't change at all, even if I change it with the scroll bar (the scroll bar position changes but the page doesn't) or try and drag the screen. I have the upper touch areas set up for previous piece, top of piece, and next piece, and those all stop working as do the default left and right page turn touch actions. Touching the centre still works as usual. If I then change the scroll settings so that the speed is no longer immediate (I've been using fastest to avoid animation) then that doesn't change anything (the page stays where it is and the touch areas that are meant to move it don't) unless before I save the scroll settings I also tap on another field in the scroll settings. In fact even if I don't change the speed away from immediate but I tap on one of the other fields then the page jumps to where it's meant to be (where the scroll bar says it should be or where the auto-scrolling would have taken it to in the time elapsed I guess). But if I do leave it on immediate then it still won't auto-scroll. I just tried it on my laptop which has the free google play version and it does the same thing so I guess it's not the Max3. [I've just done some more playing around with it on the Max3 and it has this problem in vertical scrolling mode but not in single page mode - it doesn't scroll by percentage of page in single page mode but it also doesn't freeze the page; plus I found that once or twice I could use the top right touch zone to move to the next piece while it was frozen but the next piece was then blank and it wouldn't go back to the piece I'd started on.]

Another small problem on the Max3 is that when I change to a different library in the library settings it doesn't highlight the library when I touch it so I couldn't work out how changing the library worked. I had to try it out on my laptop to see what was happening there and now I can change to a different library without any problems but only because I know that it should be highlighting the library when I select it.

When I was at the wedding gig the other day I remembered that I'd seen an option for displaying the time on the screen but couldn't remember where. I spent ages looking through the settings before I found it in the action bar. I then did the same thing again this morning when I was trying to find it on my laptop. I don't know whether it would be possible to add it to the display settings but thought it might be worth mentioning.

Many thanks, Guy

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