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Editing song black screen issue with trial

I downloaded the trial of this app this morning - for several years I've been using Adobe Reader Touch to play music from, and after less than an hour trialling this program I think it's amazing.

However I've been having an issue which I'm hoping someone can advise on, perhaps it's a known issue.  This happened first when I edited a song's properties to add a metronome mark - when I then clicked OK on the properties window, I got a completely black screen within the app.  I tried tapping everywhere etc but no response, only solution was to use the back button on the Windows title bar, which then closed the app.  I tried editing the same song again (but this time didn't edit any fields, just pressed OK) and the same thing happened, then I tried a different song and it saved OK, so I went back to the original song and it worked fine.  I then tried various songs editing various feels and it didn't re-occur.  A little while later when editing another song I pressed Cancel (rather than OK) while editing a song's properties and got the same issue - when I retried, it worked fine.

This also happened again just now when attempting to create a new song - I clicked New (rather than Import), selected file from disk, the app did it's auto-cropping, I pressed OK and got a black screen.  Interestingly when I used the back button on the Windows bar this time, it asked me if I wanted to save or discard my changes (so the new song hadn't saved at that point).  I pressed save, but still just a black screen.  When I used the back button again it then quit the app.  (When I reloaded the app, the new song was there).  It seems the app hasn't crashed when this happens, as the Windows back button works and it closes gracefully.

I tried looking on these forums but couldn't see anyone's reported an issue like this - my concern is it's happened 4 times already and I've only had the app installed a few hours.  Any suggestions? Please let me know if more info needed.

I'm using a Surface Pro 4 and running Windows 10 1903.


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Editing song black screen issue with trial - by mato - 06-07-2020, 02:35 AM

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