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Editing song black screen issue with trial
Hi Mike

I've been having another play this afternoon and think I might've spotted the issue.  Occasionally when pressing Edit Song there is a delay loading the Edit Song screen as I mentioned before; this seems particularly prone to happening when clicking Edit Song immediately after opening the app, or also after leaving the app idle for a while (say 30-60sec) then clicking Edit Song.  When this delay happens, if you wait (approx 2 sec) the Edit Song screen opens, but the temptation is to think your click didn't register so the natural reaction is to click Edit Song again after a second or so, since it usually opens immediately.  When you hit Edit twice (or even three times when nothing seems to happen after the 2nd click), when the Edit Song screen eventually opens, it's immediately obvious there's an issue on songs where you have tags (e.g Genre) as the tags appear more than once (on one occasion the Genre was in the list 6 times) and when this happens, hitting OK/Cancel will always cause a black screen.  If you're editing a song without any tag-like fields added, it's not obvious there's been an issue so you don't expect the black screen which subsequently happens when you click OK/Cancel.  I'm not sure if it's this one issue that was causing all the black screens I experienced yesterday, but it's quite possible since in the steps I listed above there was consistently a delay opening Song 2 after saving Song 1 - I hadn't realised but perhaps I was subconsciously clicking Edit twice during that delay.

In any case, I'm going ahead and purchasing the app, since I love all the features (I've played for several hours today in performance mode which is working flawlessly) and I want to get building my library now Big Grin  It's clear from these forums the support is excellent and you're keen to hear about and fix issues.

Let me know if I can provide any more info to help you pin-point this issue! Cheers.

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RE: Editing song black screen issue with trial - by mato - 06-08-2020, 01:52 AM

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