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Potential Buyer has questions
I have not used MobileSheets except for a few minutes with the trial. I am interested in purchasing it but only under certain conditions.

1. I would like a hands and foot free solution. Basically it functions by having the pages change automatically as the music is playing, synced to the performance. This way I can simply play along without having to worry about getting the correct page. This is rather easy function to implement by just allowing a page transition setting. I've actually written my own windows software that does this but I don't want to spend the time to add all the features that are nice that moblesheets already has but it is a deal breaker if mobilesheets does not have it as I already basically can do everything except a few extra things and I do not have android version).

I believe Mobilesheets does not have this feature. If not, how difficult and long would it take it add? It is a simple feature request in that it could be added in a day or two of coding. (Simply have a way to setup page changes, a simple time line editor that lets one set which page is set at which time, doesn't have to be fancy but could be such as half page transitions, scrolling, etc).

Ability for volume envelopes and EQ would be nice too. This helps in some cases but not a deal breaker. For example, if I'm playing along with bass I might need to EQ the song so the bass is easier heard.

Pedal Page switching would still need to work. I use an FCB1010 to do page switching since I have far more buttons to use for various things(play, pause, skip bars, etc... I have 100 buttons at my disposal and I can customize my software to do whatever I need. I can even do a volume control with the volume pedals)... clearly the software won't work with it but it would be nice. To do this would require sending midi through wifi. With touchosc I can send midi over it(using reaper and osc) so something similar could be done. This does require a windows computer. I've not messed with midi interfaces for android so not sure if it would work but would still require mobilesheets to work with it.

2. Licensing issues. I purchase the software I expect to "own it" in the sense that I do not want to be hassled with licensing issues or if the company goes south for whatever reason then the software stops working.  Generally these programs that "phone home" end up always having problems later on. It's bad enough that I would have to purchase two just to use it on windows and android. At home I have a windows setup and android. I would only need the android tablet for going out but generally I would use windows because of a larger screen and no worrying about charging batteries.

If I could be confident that these things would all work out I wouldn't have a problem purchasing it... otherwise I would just stick to my software and videos since I already have all that done. I'm looking to upgrade but only if it really is an upgrade.

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