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Potential Buyer has questions
Hello Stretti,

Adding support for timed page turns is certainly on my list of things to do. I'm currently working on finishing the new design of the annotations functionality and the upcoming iOS version. After those are finished, then I will be switching gears to working on new features such as this, chord grids, song versioning, etc. It's going to take me a bit to get through everything though, so if you need something in the short term, that's not going to be possible. It's not simple for me to sneak in new UIs to both Android and Windows (and potentially the companion application), update the database to have new fields to store all this, get translations for 15 languages, provide easy ways to cancel/restart the paged time transitions (will it start automatically, with pedal actions, touch actions or MIDI actions, etc) and ensure this works properly when using all supported features such as the "Connect Tablets" feature. While it's simple enough to have a basic UI that accepts a list of times for each page, anything fancier (such as a horizontal list with thumbnails for pages with the assigned time below each), would take more time and planning. If this feature needs to support partial page turns, needs to support triggering link points, or any other more complex mode of navigation through the song, this would obviously take a lot more time than just triggering a simple whole page turn.

I certainly want to provide support for EQ, but I haven't had time to implement the UI for this (I was thinking of a simple 3-band or 5-band eq). Volume envelopes would require a more complex UI where you can assign the volume amount over the period of the entire track. If I wanted to show a preview of the waveforms over the entire duration of the track, I would need to add code for that too.

I currently support up to 6 pedal actions which are nothing more than key bindings. I plan on supporting any number of key bindings in the future on a separate settings screen. I don't currently support MIDI over WiFi as there are no open source libraries available to handle this for Android and Windows (C# UWP). If you know of any libraries that are open source for commercial use, or any that are sold with a fixed price license, please let me know. I may try to implement my own library to handle MIDI over WiFi in the future, but this is not a terribly high priority. There are devices that can convert MIDI over WiFi to USB such as the mioXM. If you can get the MIDI messages into MobileSheets, you can map MIDI messages to actions under Settings->MIDI Settings->MIDI Actions.

As far as licensing goes, your choices are to purchase through an app store such as the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store. I highly doubt either of those companies will go south. If you purchase through my FastSpring store, it uses a license key and contacts my licensing server for the initial few license checks. There is no offline licensing option. I need to protect my app from piracy (which is a major problem on Android), but I don't believe my implementation is very demanding. If you want more details, contact me directly at mike@zubersoft.com.


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