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Upgradind from the free version MS to MSP
When I switched from MS to MSP I looked for some guidance in this forum, but was unable to find it.

Maybe it would be a good idea to create a guide on "how to switch from free MS to  MS Pro"

In case it helps, I explain my experience, what went OK and what went wrong.

I had started to use the free version MS to check how it worked. I had added fingerings to some scores in the free MS. Then I switched to MS Pro and continued to add and edit my scores.

I wanted to delete the free version in order to work just with one. Since the logo of the two versions is the same, I tried to import the scores to the free version and had error messages.

The problem is that the scores are located in different folders in my tablet.

MS => Folder:  Device\Android\Data\com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro
MSPro => Folder:  Device\Android\Data\com.zubersoft.mobilesheets

I just realized that the name of the folders was incorrect, because the last one was much bigger.

This is how I went about the migration:

  • Made a backup of my Mobile sheets Pro library  Settings\Backup and restore\Backup all songs and files to a .msb file at a user specified location  I saved the file in my device (I did not manage to do it in the SD card).
  • Went to the list of free MS and shared the scores with msf format (link on the top bar) Select files, then Share\Export as .msf files then choose a location
  • Uninstalled the free version. I was lucky I made a previous backup, because the folder com.zubersoft.mobilesheets (with all the info of the Pro version) was deleted. The folder com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro was still there, with the files of the free version Confused
  • Uninstalled MSPro and the folders disappeared
  • Reinstalled MSPro and restored the library
  • After some minutes (fingers crossed) Huh , the full list of MSP appeared and the library was fully restored
  • Imported the msf files I had previously saved

I have to say I lost a couple of scores because I did not make the msf procedure with all. I checked later that the data were now stored in the folder zubersoft.mobilesheetspro , as we should expect.

So now I have just MSP with all my scores. 

I suppose I could have made a backup of the free MS before installing the Pro version, then delete the free version, install the Pro and finally restore the library. In this case I would have started on a sound basis.

I wish I could have found such a guide when I upgraded the soft. Hopefully you will find it of use.

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Upgradind from the free version MS to MSP - by Javier MM - 07-13-2020, 09:16 PM

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