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Two Libraries for Page Order
(09-09-2020, 05:06 AM)ZuperDave Wrote: itsme,

I am in the process of switching to a 2 in 1 because I need a bigger screen to read some "chicken scratch" scores I have.  Meanwhile I've been playing them in landscape mode, which means two or more "page turns" (scroll) per page.  I did what you are talking about.  Using the notation pen, I made marks to indicate the last line I played before the page turn.  It was usually the last "turn" at the end of a page that would get me.  My eyes are trained to go top left, but when there's only one line to play after the last "turn" where I need to be is NOT top left.  It's somewhere middle left.  The cue marks help with that.  Since sometimes I get requests and I don't practice my entire repertoire all the time, written cues and that pop-up text box that you can add to a song are invaluable to me.


Hi Dave, I had a 15" laptop and purchased a 17" 2-in-1 laptop. I thought it would be large enough to see the music clearly but some sheet music was still small enough to be difficult to see. I used it in the portrait position, so one page at a time. Although doing everything to make page turns instant, they sometimes lagged. If I wasn't very familiar with the music then I sometimes had difficulty keeping in rhythm at the page turns.

I purchased a 24" monitor to use as a second monitor with my desktop but I tried it in horizontal position, two pages, with MobileSheets. I was surprised the pages seemed larger. After doing some calculations based on a page size of 8 1/2 x 11", I discovered the 17" monitor displayed at 97% of full size (limited by screen width) while the 24" monitor displayed each page at 107% of full size. It doesn't sound like much but the 24" made a huge improvement. I use a band style music stand so the monitor sits on the shelf perfectly. I do need to keep my computer next to the stand since the monitor is not touch sensitive. I use a FireFly foot pedal to turn pages so once I start a set I don't need to use the laptop touch or mouse.

I have used the MobileSheets editing to add text at the top left of the 1st page if the music is "1 Page" or "2 Pages". This tells me I don't need to turn pages. If the song is more than two pages I have added the text "Turn" at the top of the second page to remind me to turn the page at that point. I'm using the 1-2-3-4 page turn so the 3rd page replaces the 1st page on the left of the display (if the is any page turn lag it doesn't matter). I haven't added "Turn" on other pages but I may do that in the future as I sometimes forget which page I'm on. I may also use "3 of x", etc to help me keep track or use that in place of "Turn". I also put "Last" at the top left of the last page and a black square at the end of the score. I also use arrows, lines, and notations whenever needed for reminders.

I've been surprised that which side of the display a page is on sometimes is distracting. For example, if the score has 3 pages with a repeat, the 1st page of the second verse is on the right side instead of on the left (as well as all other pages being on the opposite side of the display). A 3rd verse would put page one back on the left. I'm sure I'll get used to this.

Regarding the original subject, I'm only using one library. I've created duplicate song files for songs that are two pages for the two page display, adding a " -2-" at the end of the file name. If a song is one or more than two pages, my notations work for either a one or two page display. For songs that are two pages, I don't include repeat page orders (1-2,1-2,1-2) for the -2- files unless I need special notation for different verses. I also created different Set Lists for one and two page display.

I hope this give you some ideas.

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